Saturday, June 14, 2014

Restaurants Near Martinsburg That You Can Check On

By Ina Hunt

Getting a warm, comfortable place where you can have your meal is always something worth achieving. You can always get good restaurants near Martinsburg that will match your ideal taste. Some of the restaurants that can be found include the one listed briefly below. They offer sumptuous meals and their prices are very friendly.

Shepherdstown. They have a one of a kind experience with young servers that are very helpful and professional. The servers and the kitchen are well knowledgeable on the needs and tastes of the customers. Customer services are good and the needs and complaints are well taken care of. They have appetizers that are very great plus their steak is just wonderful.

Captain Benders. They have divided their premise into two zones. One of it is the finer dining which is a no smoking zone and the other one is for casual, pool tabling and smoking is also allowed in this zone. Their burgers are very nice. They have a highly interesting menu despite their very typical onion rings. The burgers, sandwiches and also the dining area are worth revisiting the place.

Taqureia El Korita. They make very sweet tacos that you will find no loss to spending the last cent on them. The pollo and pasta are evenly fantastic are get served in tortillas that are small in size same as tacos. The external tortilla is partially fried in a manner that is delightful and mysterious. The place ranks highly for a town having a deficiency of really good dishes. You will without a doubt revisit once you give the place a try.

The Station Grill. The place is considered to be a top notch and the crabs in this place are very much preferred. Their crab soup and sandwiches are also very good with the option of chicken sandwich with roasted red pepper being a favorite to many. The place is also praised for steaks and fish which are mouthwatering.

King New York Pizza. Their recipe is mostly self-made which include spaghetti sauce and pizza, alfred sauce, lasagna dough, marinara sauce and several others. Spaghetti served with meat mush stands out as the most popular dish. It is managed by the large Colandreas family who are of Italian-American descent. They offer candidness by giving the traditional Italian cuisine.

Peking Restaurant. This restaurant has won awards and acts as an icon for Martinsburg having been serving the best food for the past thirty eight years. The most preferred meal here include steamed chicken mixed with vegetables, steamed bean curd mixed with veg, garlic sauce with shredded pork and house special fried rice. The staff are always friendly and smiley and ready to assist you in anything. The food and drinks are ever good and you will always get crave of revisiting.

You can choose from any of the above restaurant and find the one which suits you most though many have almost equal and their food prices in some way go hand in hand with the quality they offer. The restaurants offer all types of meals though you can get others that specialize in cuisine of certain parts of the world. Try give one a taste and you will sure find it worth.

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